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Since retiring from the NFL, Reggie Allen and Jerry Westbrooks wanted to help other soon-to-be retiring football players, other athletes, and small business owners with business coaching and career support. Through Free Agent Lifestyles, they can do just that.

A Post-Athletic Game Plan

  • Builds entrepreneurs from retired professional athletes
  • Provides career support through one-on-one or small group settings
  • Helps small business owners develop their business plan

The 12 Week Year

  • Program that focuses on helping people complete tasks on an accelerated timeline
  • Athletes who start their businesses with the 12 Week Year model adapt easier due to their mindset.

Certifications & Memberships

  • Members of the NFL Players Association
  • 12 Week Year Certified
  • Members of the NFL Alumni Association

Meet Reggie & Jerry!

Meet Reggie Allen and Jerry Westbrooks, two former football players ready to help you answer your “what’s next?”

Reggie Allen

Reggie Allen

Reggie Allen is a former professional athlete with over 15 years of expertise as a consultant and entrepreneur. He began his entrepreneurial endeavors by investing in real restate. As an entrepreneur he has personally launched and led successful businesses and been instrumental in the success of many others. Building upon principles he learned as an athlete he combined his master’s degree in Entrepreneurship with game planning.

His greatest strengths might be his resiliency and his ability to take success principles and strategies and formulate winning plans for start up businesses. In addition, as a 12-week year trainer he helps other athletes and entrepreneurs plan, develop, and execute at high levels yielding effective, practical, and profitable results.

Jerry Westbrooks

Jerry Westbrooks

Jerry Westbrooks is a graduate of The Ohio State University and former professional athlete. Following his athletic career, he became a bank manager where he developed his business acumen and client relations. He developed a passion for entrepreneurship and eventually started his own landscaping, logistics, and transportation company.

Throughout his entrepreneurial endeavors he maintained a sense of responsibility by investing in behavior health and addiction services as well as transition homes. One of his best strengths is ability to quickly adjust to changes in both investing and business.

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